Luggage Check-In

On departure day, Thomas Cook Airlines has an Luggage Check-In counter open in the Lobby Area. This for guests travelling with Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and who have made their hotel booking through Ving, Spies or Tjäreborg. 

Luggage Check-in is only available on flights departing in the afternoon and unfortunately not for guests with flights only. You must have a Ving/Spies/Tjäreborg booking number.

Bring all luggage, travel documents and all passports to do the Luggage Check-In. Due to the rules in Thailand, every person in the booking should be there while checking in. 
Push chairs and prams can be delivered directly by the gate at the airport if you prefer that, just remember that you still need to bring them to our Easy Check-In at the hotel in order for our staff to tag them.